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Doypack bag is a packaging system and at the same time, a package itself. It is perfect for packing products in different formats: solidliquid or in powder. Characteristics of such kind of pouch preserve products due to the properties of the barrier of laminated materials. It offers a high resistance and a high preservation capacity, keeping product packed in good conditions. For that reason it is especially suitable for packing food corporative products as well as concentrated and food products, in liquid or in solid basis.


It is made in a round base, providing maximum stability. It is ideal for showing in vertical displays and shelves in big shopping centres and supermarkets, as well as for other commercial applications where product is showed in a value added conditioning.


Besides, it also offers an excellent alternative of labelling according to customer needs, when bag is unprinted.


This bag can be produced with different combinations of laminated materials and some opening systems can be added: selfsealing (zip)easy-opening, round edges, tear-notch, etc.

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