Bags for tea

Bags for tea

We are aware of the importance of tea preservation to ensure all its curative, relaxing and inspiring properties remain intact in all of its varieties, from green tea, red tea, Matcha green tea, white tea, mint tea, chamomile tea, and black tea, to hibiscus tea and Oolong tea, among many others. For this reason, all of our resources have been put into the manufacture of specialised bags that guarantee storage in perfect conditions.


The Bolsaplast packaging ensures all the antioxidant properties of tea is preserved in optimum conditions. At the same time, we are aware that the packaging must have an attractive and elegant design. With this in mind, we recommend both metallised paper bags, to give your product an organic and natural appearance, and metallised bags, with excellent resistance, shine, high protection against steam, oxygen and a metallic appearance that gives the product a refined look.


In terms of design, the bags with integrated valves and self-closing (zip) systems are the ideal option.  The valve allows the tea to breathe while ensuring it is maintained in optimum conditions. Preserving tea in ideal condition greatly slows down its deterioration. Additionally, the zip packaging means the product can be opened and closed as many times as necessary, allowing total freedom at the time of consumption. Bolsaplast offers five standard sizes from 100 ml to 1 l capacity.


Lovers of powdered or leaf tea will appreciate the Bolsaplast packaging as the most suitable solution for storage. You also have the possibility of personalising the packaging to give it a unique touch. This is performed using digital printing or flexography, depending on whether the batch size is larger or smaller. 


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