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Bags for chemicals

When we package chemical products for mass consumption, it is essential to choose high quality, robust packaging that guarantees safety. The material must be rigid and secure in order to act as an excellent barrier to humidity, oxygen and light.


Our packaging is especially designed for chemical products and complies with all of the applicable safety regulations for mass consumption, avoiding contamination both of the product and of the exterior, while guaranteeing its correct preservation.


The objective is to avoid any external element being able to affect the properties of your product, to guarantee they reach the consumer in optimum conditions for use and preservation. However, we also understand the importance of product design to help it stands out above the rest at its point of sale. Our PET/ALU/PE aluminium bags offer the ideal solution to give the product a high quality and safe look and feel and  are the most highly recommended for packaging chemicals such as: cleaning products, fertilisers, personal hygiene products or air fresheners, granulated products, etc.

One of our key advantages is our personalised finishes, meaning you are free to choose the closure systems that are most suitable for your chemical product. These bags are manufactured with different finishes, such as self-closing (zip), degassing valves or a combination of both, as well as easy-open and die-cut.


Our specialised team can advise you to help you choose the size and shape of ready-made bag that best suits the needs of your product. We offer a range of different formats and finishes to give the packaging the final appearance and functionality you choose, while always keeping the specific features of the product in mind.


Finally, you are free to choose between printing with flexography or digital printing, in order to print your brand image directly on the bag, creating maximum consumer impact.


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