Bags for coffee

Bags for coffee

We understand the value of freshly roasted coffee grains, so we have put all our state-of-the-art technology into the design of these bags for coffee. Our coffee packaging products are made with special materials that inhibit oxidation and maintain all the delicious flavours and properties of coffee, whether it is ground, roasted or grain.


Our priority is to maintain the aroma and unique flavours of the coffee grain without compromising on attractive packaging. To achieve this, we recommend aluminium bags or paper bags with a layer of metallised PET.


When it comes to design, we have an extensive variety of packs to choose from, including the well-known doypack and back-sealed bags, ideal for coffee preservation. Our coffee packaging is available in five standard sizes, from 100 ml to 1 litre.


The optional integrated degassing valve that we recommend for the standard finishes of this coffee packaging, guarantees a balance between the exterior and interior pressure.  The valve lets the hot air out through one of the sides until the optimum pressure is achieved and is then fully closed, keeping all the freshness locked into the newly roasted coffee grains.


Our product is ideal for small producers, as we specialise in producing packaging in small batches. Our digital printing system means you can personalise the packaging to your preference in premium quality designs. The result is completely personalised coffee bags with the added option of changing the inks and colours after every few units at no extra cost.


Our machinery is also prepared for large batches, in which case we would personalise your coffee packaging with flexography, obtaining the highest quality at the lowest possible cost. 

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