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One of our top priorities is to adapt to our customers and find the perfect product for their packaging.  We have over 50 years of experience in the food products packaging sector in which we have worked to offer an entire range of different bags for all types of food products.

Salmon, sweets, liquid yoghurt, or premium meats, are all examples of foods we have worked with, drawing on our advanced technology to create the ideal packaging for each occasion.


Our bags can be manufactured with different materials, such as aluminium, metallised paper, paper or transparent plastic, according to the end requirements. Our aim is to make the product stand out on the shelf, protect it from all external agents, give a more ecological image, and package with rigorosity and consistency.


Bolsaplast bags comply strictly with current food regulations to guarantee the product can be consumed in optimum conditions while ensuring the packaging does not cause any alteration in the product's flavour or properties


We focus on providing a wide variety of shapes and sizes, allowing us to offer highly personalised food product packaging to suit the size and shape of its content. Our catalogue of ready-made bags also provides a wide range of possibilities for closure systems. One of our key assets is the personalised finishes we offer meaning you are free choose the closure systems that best suit your food product:  valves, zip, self-close, resealable, all types of die-cut or easy-open are just some of the types of finishes you can choose from for your packaging.


Bolsaplast is specialised in both the personalisation of bags through flexography printing, and digital printing, so depending on your packaging design requirements, you can choose the printing system for your bags that adapts best to your batch size, at the most competitive price.

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Barcelona, España


+34 93 711 73 61

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